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Sam Spata established Method Lean to provide an executive architects ’ front-end point-of -view.

His practice expertise is grounded in capital project planning, guiding client decision-making on project delivery methods and team selection.

Sam’s Lean expertise builds on experience as a project executive in New York City and London, familiar with: Strategic Planning; Change

Management; Integrated Project Delivery; BIM; Operations; and, Lean Training, Facilitation and Implementation.



Lean is a means to a means to an end. Lean builds the high performance team that, in turn, delivers practice results that matter:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Rework
  • Design to Invent Value and Prevent Error
  • Increased Satisfaction of Clients and Staff



We make Lean accessible, always guiding your use of the appropriate method toward your objectives. 

By organizing Lean into constituent elements of Theory, Vision, Process, Tool and Habit, we accelerate your journey toward results.

Integrated Team Workshop

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