High Performance Capital Project Management

Helping Owners, Architects, Engineers, Constructors and Consultants


Achieve Reliable Performance on Capital Projects


For too many Owners, Constructors and Architects, project delivery is a frustrating process. We use the Lean system and culture as the most effective means toward resolving common complaints:

  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Low Productivity
  • Stress
  • Rework
  • Reactive Resource Planning
  • Low Satisfaction of Clients and Staff

Accelerate Your Lean Learning


We offer a range of services to the design, development and construction industry.

  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Monitoring
  • Coaching
  • Consultation

Our unique framework, The Lean Progression©, accelerates the implementation of processes, tools and habits that increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Win Better Work


Pull your work toward the client's value proposition. 

Celebrate your high performance teams, delivering capital projects with reliable cost, schedule and value performance.

Remain mindful of waste, flow and value in the project delivery process.

Build trust.


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